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Shooting Build

Build SpeakersFor three years now Andy McMillan has been running what is widely regarded as one of the world’s best design and web industry events right here in Belfast. The conference is called Build and features five pretty intense days of educational/entertaining/social activities, culminating in a main conference day of formal presentations. Build attracts the best designers and developers in the web design industry, both for the main speakers and the attendees.

So a while ago I suggested to Andy that it would be worthwhile ‘officially’ covering Build with myself as photographer. Of course there have been some great photos taken at previous Build events (most of the creative attendees are themselves pretty handy with cameras!), but those photos are usually captured in ‘downtime’ moments by people otherwise concentrating on the actual events. In contrast my attendance at Build would be exclusively for the purpose of capturing good high-quality images from as much of the event as possible, running over the whole four days.

I knew this would be a lot of work, both in shooting the photos and in the follow-up processing, but I was happy to add my support to the impressive work that Andy and his team undertake in putting Belfast on the international design map.

Build is a really significant event and I wanted to do it justice with images that conveyed the scale, atmosphere and excitement experienced by all who attended it. If you weren’t lucky enough to get to Build this year I hope my photos give you a sense of what it was like - and whets your appetite for Build 2012.

I have posted a small gallery of images in a new Photography section here on my blog. The main body of images from Build can be seen on my Flickr and accounts.

So, where were we then?

Welcome back.

The Hiatus is over now that I've finally made the time to overhaul my design blog - and this is the result. I hope to resume reasonably frequent blogging and thought 'A Career in Creative' summarises it fairly well. I'd like to cover the creative process, concepts, design, techniques and the business aspects of working as an independent/freelance. You'll also find the odd smattering of arts, culture and photography - all passions of mine.
In an attempt to keep the peace I'll even do my best to avoid rabid Apple fandom, but they do make this so difficult!

In fact I've taken stock of all my web projects (including some dormant domains) with the result that some long simmering plans are finally taking shape, so there will be a few more developments in the (hopefully) near future.

I've also taken the opportunity to move this blog from Wordpress to Squarespace, I still love Wordpress, but for this blog I wanted to try the Squarespace platform, it does appear to have some unique features and I'm completely blown away by their iPhone app. I must also say also that Squarespace made a good (and easy) job of importing all the content from my Wordpress blog. I'm not being paid by Squarespace (quite the reverse!) but I am very impressed by their service so far.

Still getting used to the new gaff here, but it's a good sign that I'm able to concern myself less with the technicalities of managing the blog and get on with creating better content, of course time will tell.