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Eyeing up the MiFi


The kind folks at 3Mobile sent me one of their popular MiFi devices to try out with my iPad and, although this is not my full review, I wanted to put up a quick post about it.

The device is pretty small and will easily slip into a pocket or bag, the MiFi also appears to hold a charge for a good while. I've heard quite a few people expressing interest in this as they have bought, or are thinking of buying a WiFi only iPad and indeed this is a very good solution if you're thinking of buying the non-3G version of the iPad.

There's an added bonus in that the MiFi will provide Internet connection for any other WiFi devices that you own too, e.g. I can easily connect my iPhone, or Macbook Pro using the WiFi.

I'll have more details to post later, after I have a chance to test it out more fully, but I can say already that I've seen some surprising speeds from it around my home town of Lisburn.

So far, so fast then, more later.