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Shooting photos for Ireland at Work

First of all thanks to everyone who responded to my requests for photos on both Flickr and, some great images already in the Flickr group and it is great to see the photo-communities take an interest in this.

I've been thinking more about the type of image I'm after and I think I can expand this brief a little. I still want images of Irish people at work, but this could include people selling goods, e.g. a market or shop, a hospitality business (barmen, café hotels etc.), bus drivers, taxis, even general things like shopping and general social interaction. So you may have more luck finding images like that in your collections

For those of you who expressed an interest in shooting some new images for this (thank you!) the following info may be useful...

If you find someone willing to be photographed, try having them look natural, doesn't have to be smiles! - thoughtful/serious is good too.

Very important to note that you will need a signed model release form if the photo is selected for use, I just can't use a photo without it, if the person is identifiable in your shot. If you don't have model release forms here is a link to a good example to base your own form on. I recommend you print a batch of model release forms and always have them in your gearbag anyway.

If your subjects are not identifiable then I will not need the model release, e.g. if they are too distant/underexposed/looking away from camera etc.

Finally here is a visual guide as to the layout I wish to fill on the website, ideally the text area should be reasonably clear and overall proportion as shown.

photo layout visual

Easy, eh? ;-)

Feel free to post comments here if you have any questions, or reach me on Twitter: @davymac