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Ireland at Work project

Irishworker - Olive barI'm currently involved in the design of a website promoting Ireland’s continued membership of the European Union. One of the features I would like to incorporate into the site design is a large photo-display showing real-world scenes of Irish people at their daily work.

I’m a keen photographer myself and I use both Flickr and to share my images. I have also had the pleasure of meeting many of the people I know from these Photo-sharing sites in the real world, I’ve had a lot of fun on some photowalks with my Flickr friends and am constantly impressed with the quality of photography from everyone.

So I was thinking that I could involve some of my contacts from the photo-sharing sites to help me find some images for using on this website I am working on. Unfortunately none of the photo-sharing sites allow any kind of commercial work on their sites, so I have set up groups purely for the purpose of getting in touch with suitable photographers who may want to supply some images for this project outside of the photo-sharing sites.

Brief for ‘Ireland at Work’ photos

We are searching for great images that show the citizens of Ireland in real working environments.

We will pay £45 GBP per each shot that we select for use on the website and you may submit several photos. We may use more than one photo from any one photographer.

All photos will be credited where they appear on the site, as follows:
Photo: (Your Name)

We are paying for use of these images and so require the rights to use them on our website, and printed matter, for a period of one year from time of issue. Other than these agreed rights copyright for the photos remains with the photographer. We reserve the right to edit or retouch the supplied images, if required, to best suit their display on the layout of our website.

Please note that these images will be used on a website promoting Ireland remaining in the European Union, so your images will be seen in support of that viewpoint.

Essential requirements (all must be met):

  • We must have a copy of the model release, or written permission from the subject to use their photo for commercial purposes.

  • Photo must show Republic of Ireland persons and locations.

  • Persons must be shown in a working situation/environment

  • Realistic people and situations

  • Photos must be at least 1024px wide at 72dpi, but preferably larger

  • Photos must be colour

  • Supplied photo must not be watermarked

Desirable requirements (any one of these):

  • Nature of work environment should be community-based, if possible (e.g. waste collection, milk delivery, bus driver etc.)

  • Women at work

  • People who are happy at their work (a positive looking image)

  • Trades/labour/retail/engineering/farming images welcome

  • Large engineering projects are welcome, but must clearly feature the people doing the actual work

  • Photos should be landscape

  • Photos should have a clear space (without any significant subject matter) on approx 1/3 of the overall image area on the right side

What we don’t want:
Landscape/scenic photos
Abstract images
Obviously posed shots

If you have any images you think may be of interest please get in touch (on or off the photo-sharing sites).

Here is the Flickr Group

Here is the Album on

- Of course there's a deadline!
We will need to make our final selection of photos on Sunday 14th June, that's 10 days from posting this message so if you want to submit any photos you need to get to it.