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Flickr is the new Camera Club

Snout I realise this is probably not news to those who are already active Flickr users, but a few weeks ago I decided to try and make some more time to improve my photography. Not exactly easy for me to get any free time these days but, since photography has a role to play in my work, it is of more than casual interest to me.
So I did some Google searches for Camera clubs in my area only to find... very little. From what I did see either they have chosen to conduct their activities completely offline, or they had really basic/old websites with little activity. There were a few exceptions, but none that I could find close enough to where I live that I would attend regularly.
So I went to my (languishing) Flickr account, changed it to a Pro version and proceeded to load some photos from the hundreds I have stored on my Mac. I also checked in on the resources of my Twitter network and found a few folks with an interest in photography there too. Luckily enough there were a few Flickr events coming up that I could get to, two in Belfast and one in Dublin, it seems there has been a bit of a dearth of them lately but things are now looking up.

Now I'm a veteran of two Flickr meetups, both hugely enjoyable and both very inspirational in getting me out with the prime directive of improving my photography, what's not to like.
In a post-shoot discussion over lunch in the Kitchen Bar I mentioned that I thought Flickr is the contemporary evolution of the 'Camera Club', Phil thought that made sense too and Photography definitely is booming on the web, as opposed to being notable by it's absence in the real world. I'm sure there are still active clubs, I just found it difficult to locate them.
Just like Twitter, Flickr is now becoming mildly addictive, an easy achievement to someone already addicted for many years to creating images. Yep, Photography is my drug of choice and Flickr is my dealer.

The second meet-up was in Dublin, fantastic day out, thanks to our fearless leader for the day Shauneen and the rest of the photographers who turned up; Caitriona, John, Darren, 73 Man, Phil, Nathalie, Alexia, Debs, Will, Bob, and Claire. A separate post is required for that one I think.

Having thought some more on the whole phenomenon I think we should now be officially recognised as Phoblographers.