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Friday Night at the movies


I got to see Gary Hustwit's 'Helvetica' movie a few weeks back at my old Art College in Belfast. I really enjoyed the movie, it was done with abundant wit and charm, but most of all I was carried along by the enthusiasm of it's director. Gary really achieved a lot in delivering such an engaging story of what sounds like such awful dull subject matter, I don't know what the actual running time was but the movie was well paced and the time seemed to fly in.

Gary did a little Q&A session after the movie too and I was surprised to hear that it was almost entirely self-funded - resulting in some 'interesting' credit card bills, as he put it. He says he's having a ball traveling around the world promoting the movie, I don't doubt it and it is well deserved after the two-year development of the project. Worth keeping an eye out for further work form Gary I would think.

Official site for the movie is:

Co-incidentally I was watching the movie right at the time Apple were launching the iPhone in the States - and guess what typeface is used on the iPhone interface? ;-)