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Are you sitting comfortably?


...Well I definitely wasn't.

Working as a freelance creative is a demanding job, I spend a lot of time generating concepts and in the subsequent production work - in addition to the necessary admin in running the business itself. This means an unhealthy amount of time sitting in my work chair, so I thought I should do something about that nagging thought I've been having that my old office chair was less than ideal (it was!) and about that even more nagging back pain that had been on the increase lately.

Being in the design industry myself I'd already heard of Herman Miller, but I never got to actually sit in one of their chairs until a while ago while doing some freelance work in another design office, where they had installed the famous Aeron chairs from Herman Miller. You only need to sit in one of these chairs for a short while to understand why they are so popular, despite the high price-tag, it really is that noticeable, the chair even feels better as you get more used to it. I was convinced.

These chairs are truly excellent products and, of course, they come at a premium price, but I think they offer good value for money as they really do live up to the comfort promise and are built to last. Herman Millar chairs come with a twelve-year warranty, yes, you read that right, twelve years.

I didn't spring for the Aeron model, I went for the Mirra instead, since almost all the chairs in their range have the same huge number of adjustment options for a really personalised fit anyway - and I like the lighter look of the Mirra.

On many a long working session I have wondered what it would cost for a really good chair, now I know... the Mirra costs around £500 here in the UK, depending where you buy it from. I bought mine here. Worth the money I say, not only do I feel comfortable and less stressed when working but the backache is noticeably reduced now and I know it's this chair that has made the difference.

But hey, don't just take my word for it, here's a great review of the Mirra chair from another designer.

I really wish I'd bought this chair a long time ago, but I'm glad to have it now. If you spend a lot of time at your desk owe it to your good health to check out the chairs from Herman Miller.

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