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Creature Feature


Another one of my pet obsessions is movies and their effect on popular culture, so I recently picked up the 'Alien Quadrilogy' (is that even a real word?) DVD box set at my local HMV shop. I've seen them all quite a few times of course but the one that really stands the test of time is the first movie in the series, directed by Ridley Scott. One of the bonus discs presents tons of background info in the making of the film, I particularly liked the storyboard drawings produced by Ridley himself (an art school graduate), almost every scene was hand drawn before setting up to shoot. The payoff is that you can see the attention to detail in every frame, this film is a masterpiece of art direction and cinematography - in addition to being the first real 'A' list horror movie. Notably it took a fine artist, H. R. Giger, to visualise the design of the creature itself in such a radically different - and effective way.

Co-incidentally I also bought another Sci-Fi cult movie favourite, 'Dark Star'. This black comedy Sci-Fi movie was started as a student project by John Carpenter and Dan O'Bannon, - who later wrote the screenplay for Alien.