Design, Art Direction, Graphics, Illustrations & Photography, in pixels or print. 
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A brief history of me...


I'm Davy McDonald, a freelance creative with a lot of experience in the business. I worked mainly in Advertising Agencies in Belfast from 1984 through 2005, holding senior creative positions in my last two Agencies.

Working in Advertising gave me a terrific training in many of the different creative disciplines, brochures, press, posters, television, radio - all of which focussed on building relationships with customers and all of which makes for a good, well-rounded understanding of what it takes to successfully bring a product to market.

Moving on from working in Advertising Agencies I now run my own creative business, offering the benefits of 'big agency' experience and expertise, but at micro-business costs. A refreshing prospect in today's economic climate.

I also publish a blog on my site because I love working in the creative industry and I enjoy my work. I want to share my enthusiasm for, and promote the value of, good design work, helping dispel some of the FUD perpetrated by old-school business thinking and those who just don't, or won't, get good design.

There are still fairly shocking assumptions made by some clients on how the creative business works and I believe that a better understanding of the creative process itself may be useful if you hire me, or even if you hire someone else. 

Of course, since I am a freelance creative, I also want to meet more people, hopefully work with them and get paid to do it.

Where in the world am I?

I live and work in Lisburn, Northern Ireland - here it is:


But working only in a local market is so 20th Century, so I'm all about the web, mobile and Social Networking, enabling me to quickly and easily work with clients from just about anywhere on the planet.

I'd welcome any enquiries you have, you can contact me here.