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This is a bold and confident design based on the classic 'Clarendon' slab serif typeface for the 'C' concept, which uses the icon to illustrate the company name. The Clarendon typeface has a very pronounced slab serif, which was perfect for creating the 'tail' part of the icon and, most importantly, without compromising the fidelity of the typeface.

I also tried this illustration using your existing Lubalin Graph typeface, but it looked a bit too mechanical and lacked the character of the Clarendon version.

As a contrast I've used a compact Swiss san serif typeface for the company name itself, which I have also split into it's two component words on two visuals (not sure if you want to display it this way, but I like how it works). I applied a hard drop shadow to the Swiss typeface as a period styling effect and to match the look of the Clarendon cap 'C'. I think this slightly ornate look is a bit unexpected in a contemporary company like yours and helps differentiate the logo.

At this stage in these concepts I've gone with a fairly safe, basic, colourway with the muted red and a dark grey, definitely think a 'hot' colour for the cap 'C' icon though.

Of course I've come up with these concepts without any input from yourself, so I'd be keen to meet and discuss these concepts, if you appreciate my thinking on this and would like to develop it further.

Let me know what you think.